A Better Family; A Must See for Young Couples by Acheme Ramson

It takes two to play the game; it takes two cool heads to build a better family. Good marriage is not guarantee for all, couples need to work at it all the time, and this is what we learn from ‘A Better Family’ where two family lives were juxtaposed to show viewers how young couples could improve on their marriage. Lauretta’s (MaryAnn Nweke) lackadaisical attitude drives her husband Charles (IK Ogbona) to the arms of another woman and things went awry, their matrimony was threatened severely.  The other couple who seems to have a perfect home also had their rough moment; though the difference was how they resolve it. Nick (Frederick Leonard) and Lizzy (Nancy Isime) were not only a good match for their look, they value each other and constantly make effort to give their best into their marriage. Both confessed the other spouse is the centre of their life.  They didn’t just profess their love for each other, they live it.

With these kinds of movies I think we have the right template for our society. Thanks to the new set of Nollywood filmmakers.



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