Trouble Comes to Town; Young Couples must see this – Acheme Ramson

Considering the short attention of young viewers and the barrage of movies the market churns out every day, local movie directors have to wear their creative cap every time. Nigerian filmmakers are now beginning to sit tight after realizing how important it is to make a ‘good film’. Themed on a true test of marriage, “Trouble Comes to Town” is centered on the life of Bernie and Lauretta, a young couple who could not resolve their differences. After four years of marriage with a kid, this comfortable couple went astray, bantering and insulting each other at the slightest provocation. Lauretta was a spoilt daughter of a billionaire who is dirty, sluggish and careless. She wouldn’t shower for days and leave the house littered in utter disarray.  Despite her annoying lifestyle, she never cheats on her husband. Her irritating lackadaisical attitude wells up strange anger in Bernie who gave up on her and seeks separation. Bernie was not mature enough to resolve their differences until Mike came into the house to show both how to love ones’ spouse. Nollywood is unequivocally coming out of the wood.  



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