The Wedding Party Final; what is the Gist? – Acheme Ramson

The Wedding Party Final will attract many viewers because it sounds like a continuation of “the Wedding Party” yet it has a different storyline and different casts except for Adesuwa Etomi. While I hate to point at errors in movies, this one is full of many obvious flaws to be ignored. The technical crew did a nice job in terms of lighting and framing. The attempt at getting a nice soundtrack was not successful and the continuity secretaries could have done better by seeing to the abrupt ending of many scenes. The dialogue between the prominent actors (Simon, Daniel, Cindy and Deji) starts and ends abruptly- they are too staccato. For instance, an expression between Simon and Daniel; “you mean you didn’t make move on the girl?” asked Daniel. Simon “what do you mean?” and the scene went to the next one. There was no facial expression, no body language or other body movement.

The idea behind the movie appears too childish and the actors look too amateurish. For example, Nneka was in the studio recording and the film was on silent effect to the viewers. At a point I couldn’t help wondering when has Nigerian fans start asking music stars to sign autograph on novel. Cindy’s fans in the bar could have request for a selfie with her not an autograph on anonymous novels. Again, Cindy’s hatred for men was a result of childhood trauma after seeing her father brutalized her mother, but there was never a clue to Simon’s hatred for women. Producers of ‘The Wedding Party Final’ could have chosen another name for it.

Many things just don’t seem right about the movie. Deji the sensational journalist who snoops around Simon even sold the movie out. We can go on and on with the flaws but it is not my aim to discourage viewers we just want movie makers to take precaution while doing their job. Lets us not also forget that the movie scores some credit in terms of picture quality, and the locations weren’t half bad. A bad production is better than none, anyway.



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