Movie Review: The Visit; A good script well acted by Acheme Ramson

Low budget, one location, four casts only, and yet a great movie. Two young couples living in same quarters appear to lead opposite lifestyle; one family lives an organized and orderly life while the other lives a care-free life.  From the opening scenes we saw a decent looking couple with the ideal home of educated middle class. Though some body language exhibited by the husband makes one suspect there is something fishy. The next act was on another couple looking outlandish and loosed. They appear to live a dirty life, booze, raw sex, weeds and lives in a disorderly fashion. Ajiri (Nse-Nkpe Etim) and Lanre (Blossom Chukwujekwu) were a typical uppity who live their lives as they dim fit. Their loud music, stench of weeds, and uncontrolled sex habit, freaked their ‘decent’ neighbour to an unbearable state. As their rapturous encounter resulted to breaking a window pane of their neighbour, both couples were forced to meet. This visit opened cans of worms that surprised both families.

Dirty secrets pop up each time they try to focus on the apple of discus. The dialogue turned out to be a family confession hour. Every point of discussion always leads to a shocking or dirty revelation. ‘The Visit’ is packed with suspense at every scene; a viewer will ask what next have these guys to reveal? The irony is that the couple who appears dirty was actually better than the saintly-looking guys. Though Lanre and Ajiri lives in a mess, they did not pretend about it, Eugene (Bhaira McNwizu Bayray) and Chidi (Femi Jacobs) lives a false life by pretending everything is perfect.

The drama grows interesting and the viewer gets excited each moment. Whenever the lot falls on a couple to wash their dirty stuff, the other family reconciles and laughs at them. This continues till it became clear Chidi and Eugene the so called decent couple, had the worst secrets. Invariably, whenever it seems both party are making up, something will break the bubbles and another round of tantrums unfolds.

Biodun Stephen who is the screenplay writer and storywriter is certainly familiar with the life of young middle class; their language, dressing, choice of cars, furniture and habits were properly depicted through the quadric thespians. One can safely conclude that Nigerian screenwriters have come of age. With a movie like ‘the Visit’ the bar has been raised. Local writers and film makers are now compelled to buckle up or face the strict scrutiny of critics.

The main texts of the movie are the repercussion of telling lies to ones’ spouse and living a fake life. Eugene thought living like western middle class is living a perfect life, she was wrong. Her faked life was to her own detriment. Her entire lifestyle is scheduled, food, sex, job, and even child bearing. Besides Eugene was a bad cook claiming to be trained in cosmopolitan cuisine, her food was disaster, she was not romantic and engages in boring sex she termed ‘civilized’ copulation. Her young husband Chidi played along with her by making it look like it is the kind of life he wanted too, but he couldn’t change his African nature. Chidi does not enjoy his wife’s cosmopolitan dishes, does not enjoy sex with her and above all, she was too boring. In return, Chidi went to Ada, his secretary for meals and comfort which culminated in them having children- twins!



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