Movie Review: The Wedding Party; a Movie of Class and Comedy – Acheme Ramson

Drama, they say, is a reflection of a society. The Movie, ‘The Wedding Party’ is a classic comedy which mirrors the contemporary Nigerian society. The movie tells the story of two families from two different ethnic backgrounds in contemporary Nigeria. Though both rich and comfortable, there were attitudinal display of pride and prejudice which threatened the holy matrimony of their son and daughter.

The mise-en-scene of the movie is superb, in term of actors, technologies, story line, and theme, ‘The Wedding Party’ is got all. The actors were a cross breed of entertainers from the performing arts, music, comedy, and directors were A-lists personae. Sola Sobowale and Richard Mofe Damijo, are two great actors and actress; Banky W and Ikechukwu are star musicians; Ali Baba Apkoremo and Ayo ‘AY’ Maku are ace comedians. The producers include multi talented and versatile Mo Abudu. There were also other experienced technical and production hands who know their onus, Steve Shodiya and the numerous technical editors gave the movie a worthy esthetics.

Our Nigerian society is marked by tribal and class prejudice since the beginning of our existence as a nation. Though, this black spot has taken different pattern, it is felt across our culture. When a wealthy Igbo boy, Dozie Onwuka fell in love with a pretty Yoruba girl ‘Dunni Coker, who was still a virgin they never expect their parents to object. The two love birds were not comfortable with their mother’s theatrics but were resolved to overlook the ‘old’ ladies’ act. They soon end up hurting each other’s emotions; result of a staged-antics by one of Dozie’s ex-girls who dropped g-string pant in Dozie’s pocket unknown to him. The discovery of the pants in his pocket by Dunni almost ruined their erotic moment in the car. They soon got through that but were later faced by a greater threat at the wedding reception party. The groom’s childhood friend and best man who enjoys drinking and partying, released footage of the groom in a wild party, furious and disappointed, the bride ran away from the reception. Her sudden reaction caused a pandemonium in the place. While trying to resolve the issue, an educated hobo found his way into the room and holds the groom and both family heads hostage. This climax opened secrets which latter humbled both families. The bride’s family were experiencing financial crisis, why the groom’s family grapples with infidelity.

The Wedding Party

The act put by Sola Sobowale is a proof of her mastery of the game. She led her jolly good friends who were always in lively euphoria, stole the show from other actors. She added colour and brought life into the movie, Ali Baba did not disappoint in the show as well. All the thespians delivered their lines accordingly. The movie reveals a serious issue, one of tribal prejudice in such a subtle way that the Nigerian viewer would enjoy watching over and over. One will surely laugh over this once a terrible incongruity among local folks and make reference to it, but certainly not in a way that will create bad blood among the dominant tribes in Nigeria. The brains behind ‘the Wedding Party’ certainly understood how to portray a sensitive and controversial issue such like this in a best form. Even the rich can also play nasty and cruel to one from their own social strata. The style of the movie is a bit different from the common conventional style of the rich versus the helpless poor lovers, to a more advance story of two wealthy families, where the groom’s mother treats the bride’s parents like they need their money. The groom’s mother, Obianuju who is not only a nagging woman but also a pathetic snub felt ‘Dunni is not her son’s type and they should never have married in the first place. Like every good story, the resolution ended when Obianuju purged herself of the grudge she bore against her husband. Then she consented to her son marrying his heartthrob.

All the actors put in their best into the movie. Rap star Ikechukwu played the role of carefree best man, Ali Baba acted well the role of a easygoing father-in-law.  The event planner and organizer Wonuola, is another comic character who was torn between the feuding mothers, yet she stayed through till the end. Credits were given to those who deserve it by the end of the movie, which shows the fair mindedness of the producers.

‘The Wedding Party’ is one Nigerian movie of the year 2016 anyone would enjoy watching any time and any day. One important question from the movie all young men must try to answer is “How can a man stay with one woman for the rest of his life?”



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