A Culture Advocate and ace Cinematographer, TK as fondly called by his admirers across the globe has carved a niche for himself in Africa, even before the contraption dubbed Nollywood. A family man and seasoned filmmaker is the CEO of Mainframe Film and TV productions. “Elder” Tunde Kelani , a multiple award winner is also an advocate of  Alternative Technology’ in motion picture production, and has successfully produced and directed several films (short and feature). TK fielded questions in our THE 10 STAR QUESTIONS FOR CELEBRITIES series. Enjoy it.



Which among your WORKS is your favourite and why?

I don’t consider any of the works a favourite, so the answer is NONE

The reason is the fact that the works are experimental and progressive. Each one progressing either from the point of advancement in technology or technique. None of them was made the same way because of the resources deployed technically, materially and economically at the time of creation.

What inspires your creativity?

I am inspired by my cultural experience and my environment. I have also been inspired by literature and indigenous cinema from all over the world

If you are not doing what you are doing now as a profession, what would you have done?

I certainly would be in Information Technology. Computing comes third, after photography and literature. I recognized the importance of information technology from far back in the 80s and bought many computer systems and paid to learn DBase 2 plus in the 80s. I see myself now as a guru in Oracle database and I certainly envy the tech guys now.

If you could go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself one thing, what would you tell?

I thought I should have been more business-like. Try to find a comfortable balance between commerce and art. Filmmaking must and should be sustainable.

If your biography is to be commissioned, what will you want as the title and why?

I am not interested in biography at the moment because I still need to do more work.

What is it that you want to put straight and for the records of the press and publics?

I cannot remember any controversy outside of my work.

How do you cope with opposite sex and what do you have to tell them?

Women have always played important roles in African communities which explains why women are at the centre of my focus. I enjoy working with women but they have a serious rival in my work which comes first at all times.

What is your most annoying daily routine?

Listening to call-in program on radio. The discussions fall on deaf ears.

Do you enjoy your celebrity status?

I am not a celebrity or star, I am simply TK at home, industry and the community.

What havent you been asked before? Say it and answer the question.

What is funny about you?

I sometimes wear my wife’s shirt or flat shoes.



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