wale Adebayo sango the legendary African king

1.My favourite movie till date will be my debut film which is “Sango” The legendary African King by Femi Lasode, reason being that I have not been involved in any other movie that has that passion and strength.

2.Well for me am a child of nature and my environment is of the essence, I tap into everything around me to fuel and enhance my creativity because what comes out of you most times is what goes into you one way or another…….

3.I would have been practising my Law profession I went to the university to study.

4.I will tell my younger version “When that fame comes and I know it will please be better prepared to handle and take advantage of it.

5.Wale Adebayo “the gentle giant” well that explains it all I think.

6.Well the fact that am answering these questions already shows that am alive dispelling the rumour that my enemy had died after shooting the movie sango .Also am not a practising lawyer yet, but am a graduate from the faculty of Law Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife Osun state Nigeria. Anything else I remember I will forward to you guys (laughs).

  1. I cope well they are my biggest inspiration and always have good words to make you feel good with yourself or hash criticism that will make you sit up and achieve your set goals so I truly value them a lot and I don’t let them forget it.

8.Mouth closed and I plead the 5th amendment  of the American constitution.(check it out yourself)

  1. Well lets say that it has its perks, some doors that would otherwise be shut against you are opened and stays opened so I must with no equanimity say Its interesting having a celeb status.
  2. Do I feel fulfilled with where I am right now in the Nigerian Movie Industry? Answer is no I want to continue to play a major active role in the industry and God willing, I will be around for a long time to come. Thanks for having me and My name remains Wale Adebayo: Actor, Director, Filmmaker.

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