Movie lovers should expect another paradigm shift from the conventional story telling techniques with the release of ‘Oyawande’,  a traditional story woven in a unique fabrics from the stable of Oyinkansola Elebuibon the daughter of Araba of Osogbo -Yemi Elebuinbon.

‘Oyawande’ is a simple traditional story  that treats the old concept of traditional value, romance, strength of the deities and how they  affect our day to day lifestyle and issues without any forms of ambiguity and stereotypes .

According to Oyinkansola, popularly known as omo baba onifa,  “we neglect  our cultural values and norms yet we wonder why things go wrong, some families are spiritually empowered to solve regular human problems, but modern lifestyle and the adoption of foreign  beliefs have affected our ability to carry out such functions”.

The TV goddess and a graduate of Federal University of Akure attributed the inspiration for her unique storyline to her father- the Actor, Writer, the Ifa mouthpiece and  a master story teller of the Ifa Olokun Asorodayo fame in the 90s.

‘Oyawande’ parades notable Yoruba acts such as; Suara, Sanyeri, Araba Yemi Elebuibon, Muyideen Oladapo and others. The movie is marketed by Almaroof Standard Investment and available in all leading movie stores.



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