Gospel film makers in Nigeria started their own film festival 5 years ago

Gospel film makers in Nigeria started their own film festival 5 years ago with the aim of meeting the global standard of film making and celebrate themselves. In this interview with OLUWAFEMI DOSU, the festival director, Olaitan Faranpojo shed more light in the film festival.


Can we meet?

OLAITAN: Faranpojo Olaitan, the festival director and the team head, Calibrator media that organizes gospel film festival in Nigeria.

What is Gofest all about?

OLAITAN: It simply means the name; Gospel and film festival. Its for people that make Gospel films. It is ā festival for Christian side of Nollywood. So, that’s just the meaning.

What is the main reason for this festival?

OLAITAN: Hmm, the vision is to enlighten, to gather together towards what we call iron sharpeneth iron, to build our capacity, to build ourselves, to brainstorm, to see how we can share ideas, to see how we can encourage each other, celebrate our works and to also glorify the name of the Lord by giving thanks and facing the challenges that is being put ahead of us by our environment.

As the main brain behind the film festival, what motivated you?

OLAITAN: I am not the main brain, God is the main brain behind the festival, we are just organizing the festival. I am not the main brain.

What actually motivated you?

OLAITAN: what motivated me? Its God that motivated us, gave us the ideas, stood behind us and gave us the template on how we could do it and achieve certain things. That’s just it.

Any challenge so far?

OLAITAN: challenge… on e of the challenges is that a times we ask God that why is it we doing it, why can’t we do other things. Another challenge is that we have not gotten the exact person to meet, we are still waiting for God to tell us who to go and meet to sponsor the festival. So, we are still asking God to help us and direct us.

Could you please tell us the categories of awards available?

OLAITAN: we don’t lay emphasis on the awards like that. They are just normal categories, directing, all those things. It is called appreciative award, it is not award like that. Its to recognize your effort that you’ve done this aspect of production well and we are just recognizing it.

What are the things you look out for in giving that appreciation?

OLAITAN: I am not the one that decides o. there are set of people that look at it and make that decision. So, they will be in better position to tell us what exactly they look out for. What we do is, we put in people, professionals that are efficient and experienced in the ministry and industry to look at all these things and make decision on our behalf. We don’t interfere.

Any advice for movie makers in the industry?

OLAITAN: the advice is that they need to come to the festival and celebrate themselves, they need to come and network, they need to come and understand the industry, improve themselves, share what they are doing, share the love of Christ, appreciate the name of the lord in their lives.

Thank you

OLAITAN: you are welcome, God bless you.



The Gospel film festival, Nigeria recently holds its 5th festival between 5th and 8th June, 2013 at jogor center, Ibadan, Oyo state. The film festival according to the festival director, Olaitan Faranpojo is for people that make gospel films. “It’s a Christian side of Nollywood”. Olaitan further stressed that part of the vision is to enlighten, build capacity, brainstorm, share ideas and celebrate Gospel film makers. He thereby advice movie makers to come to the yearly festival, celebrate themselves, network, understand the industry and improve themselves.



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